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Rich Sauser has a passion for assisting people to learn how to leverage social media to enhance their career. Rich has presented to thousands of people on how to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help their career. He has also prepared customized presentations for corporations. He offers these presentations free of charge for job support groups.

In addition to helping individuals, Rich also helps small businesses develop their social media plans to increase their online presence and sales.

Rich has been featured on WCNC-TV and numerous times in the Business Section of the Charlotte Observer.

Client Testimonials

“I am co-founder of DARTON GROUP, a project staffing firm (senior-level finance and accounting) in Charlotte, NC. Based on a strong recommendation from one of DARTON’s project professionals, my business partner and I retained Rich to create and present a custom-designed networking presentation for a company event. From concept to delivery, Rich provided ultra-responsive service and a tailored presentation that exceeded our expectations. Unlike many on the “LinkedIn” speaking circuit, Rich delighted our employees by truly customizing his presentation (entitled LinkedIn 201) and presenting content that was fresh, thought-provoking and of immediate value.” -Mark Weber 

“I attended a speaking engagement that Mr. Sauser presented to the PMI Metrolina chapter on the use of networking tools. He did an excellent job of explaining the benefits of both LinkedIn and Twitter to a group of PMI members. He stayed on point and provided details of how to best use these tools. He was informative, creative and kept the discussion moving to give us the most detail in a short timeframe. I appreciate the information provided.” -Lynn Occhino, PMP

“I highly recommend Rich as a Professional Speaker at The Public You. He brought so much energy to his presentation which kept me wanting and desiring more. I was impressed by how Rich was able to connect with both the beginner and the advanced user. My family, which includes three beginners: my father, mother and sister and myself, an advanced user, all were able to get something useful out of Rich’s presentation. His presentation also allowed me, an advanced user, to gain the needed knowledge to teach the rest of my family, all beginners, how to best utilize LinkedIn for their individual needs. I highly recommend Rich as a Professional Speaker at The Public You!” -Ray Atkinson